20 trekking places in karnataka


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November 5, 2021

20 trekking places in karnataka 

Are you planning a weekend dedicated to trekking near Bangalore? Then check our list of the best trekking places near Bangalore will give an adventurous memories in the trip. Let’s start the journey to the amazingly trekking destinations near Bangalore that’ll give your wonderful weekend for you.

1. Mullayanagiri :

This place is 23 kilometers from Baba BudanGiri and 20 kilometers from Chikmagalur. This is one of the famous peaks out there in Chikmagalur. this is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka and got its name from the small temple near the summit, this temple is dedicated to mallapa swami which was believed that he used to meditate here. There are two routes which begin from sarpa dhari which is linked to the Chikmagalur road it’s a small 5-kilometer trek with moderate level and takes nearly 2 hours to reach the peak. the view of the valley from the top is amazing and there are small streams and caves with small flowing streams inside and a Nandi statue on the top.

2. Baba Budangiri:

This peak is 36 km from Chikmagalur and is also known as the Dattagiri and Chandra Drona paratha. The mountain got its name from the Muslim saint Baba Budan who used to live here. He had come from Saudi to inform and spread Islam and peace. Its also known that he also introduced the coffee plantation over here where he bought the beans from the port of Mocha from Yemen in the 16 century. This place is also known for the fact that Lord Sri Dattatreya Swamy had resided here. There is even a festival and jatre of two days conducted after Holi according to the Hindu calendar. This mountain is famous for the forest range, trek, and hiking.

3. Skandagiri :

It’s 61 km from Bangalore and is a historic mountain fortress. It is close to Nandi hills. This mountain is also known as the Kalevala Durga. According to history its believed this used to be owned by a local king and later was defeated and conquered by the Tippu sultan. It’s a difficult trek. You can reach the fort as there are two routes from the base of the hill. One is from the Nandi hills and another from Chikballapura town. It starts from the Papagni temple from the base and continues with the green dense shrub. There is even an ancient abandoned temple which Is protected by 6 strong walls. It’s best for a night trek. you get two caves on the top which are amazing to explore.

4. Nandi hills:

It’s one of the most weekend visited places in Bangalore and is 60 km from Bangalore. This hill is also located near Skandagiri . this mountain got its name from an ancient bull which is meant to be the mount of Lord Shiva. it’s considered that these are the source of the river pillar Arkavathy and Pennar. It’s also known for tippus drop and Tippu Sultan summer palace where there is a 600 feet Cliff from where tipu Sultan used to push his prisoners as Punishment .the amrita Sarovar lake and tipu sultan’s Fort, Sri Ugra Narasimha, Sri Yoga Narasimha, and Sri Bhoga Narasimha are must-visit.

5. Shivganga hill:

This is also one of the most weekend visit places in Bangalore, Karnataka and it’s 50 kilometers from Bangalore. 2 temples are very close to the base of the hill called Shiva Ganga temple and another which is located on the top of the hill which is called Gavi Gangadheshwara temple. It’s also famous for its structure or where when you look from the east the peak looks like a bull and as a form of Ganesha from the West and linga from the South and like a cobra from the north. There are also small forts located on the base of the mountain. it’s also believed and the temple is very historical which was built in the 13th century by the Hoysala. There’s even a spring called Pathala Ganga which is a freshwater spring on the way on the hilltop and it’s considered to be holy.


6. Devarayanadurga :

It’s a Rocky Hill which is 72 kilometers from Bangalore and near Tumkur. it’s famous for the temples of yoga Narasimha and bhoga Narasimha Swamy temple. the bogan r cinema temple is located at the base of the mountain while the yoga Narasimha is located on the top of the mountain hill. There are even natural water spring which is also called as namada chilume which is the source of the jayamangali river. . There are two more springs known as Ramatirtha and Dhanushtirtha. There is even a large cave near the statues of Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana.

7. Parvathamma Betta:

This is 21 kilometers from sakleshpur A and 33 kilometers from Hasan it’s located in Dyathapura of the village in Karnataka. There are temples dedicated to goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva at the top of the hill and thus got its name as parvathamma betta. It’s a very is it track and 10 temples have more artistic stone carvings which are very wonderful to see. this is the most weekend visited place in Hassan. you can see a beautiful view of the mountains of the western ghats from the peak of the hill.

8. Charmadi ghats:

It’s 57 kilometers from Chikmagalur and 34 kilometers from belthangady. This God is located in belthangady taluk of dakshin Kannada and mudigere taluk of chikmagalur. Let’s consider to home with this place in the monsoon. its famous for its natural beauty and is home to dense green forest Evergreen shrubs small streams and waterfalls. Here the netravati river is originated at the bhangarabalike which lies between the charmadi and kudremukh. Nallarayanadurga is one of the most visited places here. Its 10 km from Sunkasale, via the Kottigehara-Kalasa route. There is Bandaje Arbi falls which has a height of 200 feet. You can encounter rare wild animals like the elephant, wild boar, panther, and deer, etc and few medicinal plants.


9. Barapole river rafting:

This is a White River rafting in Coorg Karnataka and is 78 kilometers from Madikeri. This river is originated from the kithu kakathu river exteb=nding to the brahmagiri hills and the Arabian sea. it’s considered to be a challenging rafting experience in South India. there are many types of structures that are like 9 class to class for rafting Rapids. the rabbits have different names like morning coffee grasshopper Rambha samba Big Bang and wicked witch. It takes a total time of 3 hours of rafting in the river. 81 offers a great way of the brahmagiri wildlife century.

10. Nishani motte:

It’s a mountain peak in Karnataka and is 40 kilometers from Madikeri and is the best weekend trip from Coorg. this peak is a part of the Thala Kaveri wildlife sanctuary which is a home for many wild animals like the elephant tigers and leopards. the mountain peak gives a very fascinating view of the misty mountains green forest and rare species of the flora and fauna. it’s a 15-kilometer moderate trek that starts from the base off bhagamandala forest range from the shola forest. On the trek, you can spawn many aromatic coffee estates small rivers, and streams. Once you get to the top of the peak you can get a 360-degree view of the amazing landscape with the western ghats making a perfect view. it’s a long-distance walking trek from the dense forest and it’s recommended to you start in the early morning from the base of the Tala Cauvery and you will reach the peak by 3:00 PM

11. Kote betta trek:

It’s one of the mountain peaks in Karnataka and is 52 kilometers from Madikeri. the mountain peak is located between somvarpet and Madikeri. The mountain peak has got its name because the resembles a fort hill. according to history, it’s also believed that the panda had spent a period during their exile. It’s a murder at a difficult level of trick and it begins from the point of the hattihole bridge. From the bridge and the mountain peak is 10 kilometers away. there is even a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva at the peak of the hill around that you can find flat grounds to rest.

12. Bisle ghat viewpoint:

It’s a ghat situated between kukke Subramanya sakleshpur in Karnataka and it’s 20 kilometers from kukke Subramanya and 52 kilometers from sakleshpur. It is situated on the border of the Hassan district and Dakshina Kannada district. it’s a 5-kilometer trek from bisle village and he is a very popular review point to get a beautiful view of the 3 mountain ranges from Kumar parvatha Pushpa Giri and dodda betta. There’s also astonish view of the Giri river which separates the beauty point and the mountain ranges. You can also encounter wild animals like peacocks, monkeys, spotted deer, and elephants while passing through the forest.

13. Kunti betta:

Its 122 km from Bangalore and 30 km from Mysore and is located in pandavapura taluk of Mandya district in Karnataka. The pandavapura got its name when the Pandavas has stayed here during their exile. It’s marked by the two rocky hills which are surrounded by many coconut trees, paddy, and sugarcane. It’s a very short trek but is still challenging reaching there. There is even a pond and a temple at the base of the mountain which is easy to visit by the pilgrims. the trek starts from the right side of the pond and walking a few meters there’s a slope and need to reach the edge of the rock. It takes around 2 hours to reach the top.

14. Agni Gudda:

Its near agni village in sakleshpura taluk of Hassan district Karnataka and is 25 km from sakleshpura. The name resembles a fiery mountain and got its name due to the volcanic nature of the hill. This is best for outdoor and night camping. There are even many south Indian films filmed here. It will take 1 hour to reach the top and it’s a medium-level trek and is a 3km trek from the base village.

15. Jamalabad fort:

It’s a historic hill fort in Jamalabad village near Belthangadi in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. This was historically known as Narasimha Ghada which means the granite hill on which the fort was built. It’s also called Gadaikallu by the locals. It was first built in mud and then later was reconstructed by the Tippu sultan after conquering it. There is a single-shot cannon and rainwater tank. The fort gives a sooting experience on the trek and a very good view of the fort.

16. Kumara parvatha:

It’s a very beautiful mountain peak situated in Pushpa Giri reserve forest near kukke Subramanya town in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. Its also known as Pushpa Giri and nearly takes 10 hours to complete the trek. There are two routes to reach the peak of kumara parvatha. One is from the kukke Subramanya temple which moves towards bhattare mane and mandapa. It’s a moderate level of the trek and you need to take permission from the forest department as you need to trek inside the dense forest.

17. Yedekumeri :

This place is located in the western ghats and is nearby Subramanya 30 km. It’s a trek in the abandoned meter gauge railway line between yedukumeri and donigal. You can get the best view of the nature and best place for photographers. On the way to trekking, you get several tunnels, curves, and bridges. This place also has around 25 waterfalls.


18. Brahmagiri hill:

It is located on the border of the Wayanad district of Kerala and Kodagu district in Karnataka. It’s a 10 km trek and is packed with enjoyment. Elephant, gaur, tiger, jungle cat, leopard cat, wild dog, sloth bear, wild pig, sambar, spotted deer, Nilgiri langur, Malabar giant squirrel, giant flying squirrel, Nilgiri marten, common otter, brown mongoose, civet, porcupine, and pangolin a be spotted here if you’re lucky enough. The trek starts from the irupu fall and gets Narimala to Brahmagiri Peak and is a little tough. You can also come across small streams, Pakshipatalam and Munikal Cave.

19. Kodachadri :

It’s one of the most liked weekend places and camping nights here. It’s a great mountain peak situated in the western ghats. According to history its believed that Shankaracharya used to meditate on this hill and the Sarvajna peetha was situated on top of the hill. You can start from the base village nagodi village in kollur following the nagara route. It takes around 5 hours to reach the top and also visit nagara, nittur, and marakutuka.

20. Kudremukha :

This place is on the western ghats of the Chikmagalur district. Earlier in history, it was known as Samseparvatha which was used to enter the samse village. The word kudremukh is translated as horse face in the Kannada language this spot which name do to the shape of the peak this is a home to various wildlife and is a home for much various flora and fauna on the other way to the peak you can watch out for a beautiful view of Peacocks dancing and deer sightings they speak is considered to be the 3rd highest peak of Karnataka with an altitude of 6207 feet after Baba budan Giri and Mullayyanagiri. June to February is considered to be the best time to visit the place at the time of winter and monsoon you can get the sighting many small streams green hills long bamboo shrubs and the darkest side of the Shola forest. if you want to trek in the kudremukh hill you need to take permission from the kudremukh National Park and it gives permission for only the first 50 persons a day and it charges around ₹600 per individual. there is only an option of staying in tents at the starting point whereas camping is not allowed at all.

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