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March 18, 2022

1. LANSDOWNE TREK: Lansdowne is a place of many freedom activities which took place during the British Raj. A perfect getaway on weekend to enjoy the mystic view of this small hill station which is also famous for sunrise and sunset from its top. Enjoy the stay in the local homestay with a bonfire and some amazing food. It is 276.2 km away from Delhi.

2. PARASHAR TREK: This trek is one of the offbeat treks around Delhi. Trekking towards dense Himalayan forest is very adventurous and reaching the summit to see the floating island which is the Parashar lake,  also visit Sukhasar lake nearby and enjoy your stay in the tents in the middle of snow and experience some local cuisine. It is 475 km away from Delhi.

3. NAG TIBBA TREK: This trek is one of the amazing ones. Climbing up towards the Himalayan summit along with the trail. Moving into the dense forest and other various landscapes gives you a thrill. Get yourself a total 100-degree view of snow-clipped mountains and also embrace the beauty of other peaks like Kedarnath, Gangotri, Kalang, and many more. And enjoy the Himalayan life by experiencing your stay in the tents in the middle of the snow peaks. It is 385.3 km from Delhi.

4. BENOG TIBBA TREK: The trek through the dense forest and witness the beauty of nature. The trek follows the visit to Benog Tibba Sanctuary where it is just amazing to see various birds and it is heaven for birdwatchers. Along the way visit Everest park estate and see how the clouds end!!! Enjoy the view of the mountains and Yamuna River and enjoy the Tibetian meal. it is 300 km away from Delhi.

5. ROOPKUND TREK: This is one of the difficult treks. Trekking towards the mountains covered with snow, dense forest, breathtaking greenery, and small camps and reaching the top of the peak with a whole lot of energy is so satisfying once you see the view and witnessing the floating glazier nearby and stay in the tents and enjoy the cool nights with bonfire. It is 305 km away from Delhi.

6. CHURDHARA TREK: Amazing perspectives, an immense region of knolls, green fields and lovely climate — all make a blend for an ideal encounter. The most elevated mountain pinnacle of Shivalik Himalayan reach, Churdhar has patches of steep and moderate grades. Not a burdensome excursion, this can undoubtedly be your next long end-of-the-week plan. It is 385 km away from Delhi.

7. MORI TREK: One of the unexplored trek which has some of the histories of Pandavas and Kauravas of Mahabaratha this place is full of green land which is perfect for camping. And enjoy the thrilling experience of river rafting and has a very pleasant environment. It is 385 km away from Delhi.

8. HAMPTA PASS: Hampta pass trek is one of the few mountain treks for beginners to witness various encircled by thick woodland, snow extensions, and knolls which make the journey exciting. It is a conversion of three ways – Hampta Pass, Spiti, and Rohtang Pass. Doing the pass crossing, even with the landscape change is an incredible story of experience when the view on one side of the pass is unique and unforeseen from the other. Pass through the gigantic rocks snuggling your direction and catch the gleaming snow-clad mountains. It is 400km away from Delhi.

9. KEDARNATH TREK: This is one of the most amazing treks to escape in the woods where you can cherish the beauty of the Himalayan mountain, flora fauna, and snow-clipped peaks. The endpoint of the treks leaves you with a magnificent view from the top of the mountain. It is 428.2 km away from Delhi.

10. HATU PEAK TREK: The Hatu top journey is a secret pearl lying in the lap of the Himalayas. This is the journey that is simple yet it gives travelers a total encounter of a genuine Himalayan journey. The pine backwoods, lovely landscape, best perspectives, and snow which is a great experience to do. It is 431 km away from Delhi.

11. KAURI PASS TREK: It is one of the easy treks for the trekkers for refreshment from their busy life. Witness the footprints of the Himalayan bear or leopard on the way and enjoy the skyline of mighty mountains and Himalayan view. It is 484 km away from Delhi.

12. PANGARCHULLA PEAK TREK: Flaunting an exciting ascension, the culmination of Pangarchulla Peak Trek decked with the snow-covered range is a great sight!! Explore Nanda Devi Sanctuary on the way. And enjoy the amusing view offering of Pangarchulla peak. It is 523 km away from Delhi.

13. TRIUND TREK: Triund is a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh.It offers many treks like Mcleodganj , Kangra and also Dharamkot. It’s perfect for people who like to trek but within a smaller distance. Chilled weather with warm sunshine and a bit of snow make this place so beautiful. It is 402 km away from Delhi.

14. VALLEY OF FLOWERS: The uncommon and fascinating Himalayan vegetation, the Valley of Flowers is a bunch of nature calmly cuddled in the West Himalayan area of Uttarakhand. The journey of Valley of blossoms goes through thick timberlands, alongside Pushpawati waterway and can be reached by icy masses. This glaring piece of nature is an Indian National Park and it is bloomed with blossoms and assorted fauna in this valley. It is 512 km away from Delhi.

15. PIN PARVATI PASS: The path is enveloped by the lavish green woods and in the green valleys. The Pin Parvati Pass journey is perhaps the most exciting traveling trail. This trip will take you on an excursion to paradise and avoid yourself returning once again into your turbulent city life. It is 349 km away from Delhi.

16. HAR KI DUN: Hark ki Dun means “valley of god”. This is one of the shortest trek near Delhi where you can see very beautiful meadows, mountain views, and campsites nearby. The entire trek goes along a river. The breeze of the wind, birds chirping and the sound of the river make this trek perfect!! It is 299 km away from Delhi.

17. DAYARA BUGYAL TREK: Dayara bugyal is one of the famous trek near Delhi. The course of the Dayara Bugyal Trek trails through stunning Oak woodlands, clear water bodies, valleys, and building mountains. Wildflowers additionally blossom around streams and creeks that stumble into the fields and witness horse grazing in the meadows which looks so beautiful to watch. It is 448 km away from Delhi.

18. INDRAHAR PASS TREK: This is one of the difficult treks in which you need more and more energy to trek. Climbing up the snow-tipped mountain is so wonderful!! The endpoint is so mesmerizing to watch. Also, witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the top of the mountain. It is 475 km away from Delhi.

19. MALANA TREK: This small village leads us to the Parvati valley. which also offers to see the Malana river which is so cold and reach the top and witness the huge pine trees view. And visit the nearby temple which looks beautiful by the way. It is 525 km away from Delhi.

20. CHANDRATAL TREK: A mini hill station embedded in the middle of the Yamuna river and many other rivers. Witness the waters of many lakes on the way which gives a great view. During springtime, these glades are covered with many sorts of wildflowers. Chandratal is a significant site for transitory birds during summer. The wetland had been distinguished because of the presence of uncommon plants, an assortment of creature animals. It is 423 km away from Delhi.

21. BARA BHANGAL TREK: One of the most daring trek to be explored. This trek goes through in one of the remote villages of Himachal Pradesh. The reliable good and bad times of this path carry the test to this one. Wonderful camping areas, delicious knolls loaded up with wildflowers, green lakes, and sheep wherever you look. This outing is unquestionably one for the traveler hoping to dive into hard and longer excursions without the test of height. It is 538 k away from Delhi.


22. DEO TIBBA TREK: An undertaking spot settled in the lap of Himalayas, value the beautiful sights of verdant fields, Alpine timberlands, Himalayan fauna, and undulating glades overflowed with beautiful blossoms. With a particularly amazing contribution, the experience that you get on this trip is amazing. Spend some time in energy gazing at the far tops and you will become hopelessly enamored with this Deo Tibba journey.

23. KHEERGANGA TREK: Kheerganga is one of the best Himalayan treks for children and beginners. The trails offer some of the best snow-clipped mountains, beautiful skies, and sparkling waterfalls. The treks go through the Parvati valley and move towards the dense Alpine forests. It is 550 km away from Delhi.

24. TOSH VALLEY TREK: The great lavish green scenes, cascades, and abundant nature scenes of the Himalayas. The Tosh Valley journey is certainly a mind-blowing experience once in a lifetime. Tosh, known best for its lavish green valleys, snow-covered mountains, lovely verdure, amazing cascades, and captivating chasms, makes it an awe-inspiring spot for you to investigate the beautiful excellence of Himachal Pradesh. It is 538 km away from Delhi.

25. BIJLI MAHADEV TREK: There is a Shiva sanctuary on top of the slope. Enjoy the nature trails of a city and experience privileged insights in its kitty in the delightful city of Manali. Appreciate the organization of tall trees and delightful scenes with this trip. The view from the Bijli Mahadev sanctuary is dynamite and left me hypnotized. The mornings of the whole valley lit up in shades of blue. It is 500 km away from Delhi.

26. KUPPER PEAK TREK: One of the exciting trek in Shimla which is so peaceful out there. The way towards the top leads through the rich green backwoods home to deodar trees, in this manner offering numerous beautiful perspectives on dim woods. The path closes at Giri Ganga sanctuary from where you can appreciate the all-encompassing perspectives overall valley underneath you. It is 416 km away from Delhi.

27. KHAR MYUNDYARI TREK: As the place is located in the ranges of snow-clad mountains, it is recommended to visit it before the chilling winter breeze starts to flow in. Known for its picturesque scenery of snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys. Manali, with its cedar forests, dense woodlands, and crispy cool mountain breeze, attracts a large number of travelers. It is 532.2 km away from Delhi.

28. KARERI LAKE TREK: It is more like a moderately difficult trek to go on a perfect weekend with your mate. it goes through Kareri Village and navigates through pine woods. The timberland gets denser for some time and you may even have the option to recognize a Blue Magpie or more. Enjoy the stay in the local forest wood houses. The actual lake is cold and near the snow line which is so beautiful to watch. It is 492 km away from Delhi.

29. AULI GORSON BUGYAL TREK: This is one of the most exciting treks to go on where you can try skiing!! Gorson Bugyal is a Himalayan Alpine Meadow in Auli It is a huge high knoll that covers a few hundred sections of land. It is an enormous place where there are green fields encompassed by coniferous backwoods and oak trees. It gives a complete panoramic view from the top which is such a bliss. It is 522.3 km away from Delhi.

30. BEAS KUND TREK: Beas Kund trek is one of the easy trek. The path goes through high mountains and valleys. You will observe an elevated ice sheet liquefying away into a little stream which at that point appears as a waterway of immensity as that of Beas which is so beautiful. It is 570 km away from Delhi.

31. CHOPTA CHANDRASHILA TREK: Snow-clipped mountains are the major attraction of this trek. Bird watching is one of the most happening activities over there. Also, enjoy the beautiful scenery with small tree houses and forest houses. It is 469.5 km away from Delhi.

32. DODITAL TREK: It is one of the nearest treks near Delhi. Dodital is the freshwater lake in Uttarkashi. Trek through tall mountains, oak, pine, and bamboo tree forests. The lake is surrounded by oak and pine trees which look so beautiful. And enjoy the very beautiful sunrise behind the snow-tipped high mountains. It is 280 km away from Delhi.

33. BHIRGU LAKE TREK: This is one of the most difficult treks. Enjoy the sight of snow, lush green valleys, and high mountains while trekking. It is one of once in lifetime experiences. The view of the floating glazier is just mesmerizing. It is 548.6 km away from Delhi.

34. KASOL TREK: Beautiful view of Parvati Valley is worth watching. The trek goes through amid the slopes with delightful perspectives on snowcapped tops in general, Grahan journey is something that will blow your mind with its beautiful excellence. Get an opportunity to camp by a riverside in Kasol. It is 513.3 km away from Delhi.

35. BEDNI BUGYAL TREK: The trek goes through dense forests. Horse and cattle grazing happens throughout the journey. The Bedni Bugyal is another stop in this knoll country – a portion of the dynamic green, the western valley. Popping directly out of this is quite an amazing thing to watch over the mountains. It is 548 km away from Delhi.




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