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September 25, 2022


  1. HAUS KHAZ VILLAGE: Haus Khaz Village is just perfect for spending your day in Delhi. This place is one of the most prominent and very exploring kinds of places in South Delhi. Starting your day by visiting some of the most grateful history and architecture. Back in the earlier 13 century, HKV was a hotspot for dating!! Usually, this place will be swarmed by college students and mostly some aspiring photographers. Then as a part of brunch, you have many eateries which serve exotic foods where you will mesmerize by their taste. As a part of shopping, there are many handicrafts where you can get your own customized clothing, accessories, footwear, jewelry, and home décor with some of the finest craftsperson. As we say the night is still young you have some of the greatest nightclubs with a huge crowd and some good music. Also, HKV has karaoke nights, ladies night, and live music too.

2 . YAMUNA GHAT:  This place is situated near one of the sacred rivers in India which is the Yamuna river. Yamuna Ghat is one of the offbeat places in Delhi. During the time of November, many birds happen to migrate towards the ghat especially the seagulls. Also, Yamuna Ghat has become a tourist spot when the sun rises they began to take people in the boats to the middle of the river where they get to feed grains and loaves of bread to the birds. The sunrise and the birds are so amazing to watch and it’s a magical view. And the evenings are so blissful to watch as the sun goes down the seagulls fly back to its next which is an epitome of goodness to watch  the sight.


3. ROGHI KALPA: This place is also known as “SUICIDAL POINT” which is just stunning scary. Roghi Kalpa is 580 km away from Delhi, even it is very far but the view is just amazing. Kalpa is a place where you can experience authentic village traditions and lifestyles. This is a must place to visit if you are a fan of adventure. The road to Kalpa has got very dangerous cliffs and it’s one of the craziest yet scariest drives you can experience in your life. The place is filled with exotic apples which the locals grow in that region. Though the journey is tough and difficult the result is mindblowing with an amazing view of mountains, trees, and snow which is a breathtaking experience.

4.  ALMORA: Almora a place with amazing culture, cuisine, and wildlife which is 378km away from Delhi in Uttrakhand. The entire town is shaped in horseshoe and has a great heritage. An ancient temple in Almora has got very unique kinds of brass bells in many sizes. To experience the best of the Almora lifestyle you need to stay in the homestays where the locals have to build extra rooms attached to their homes. Buy woolen products from the local hand craftsmen in the town. And also visit nearby wildlife sanctuary has the town is famous for its wildlife and experience their famous sweet “Bal Mithai”. And later visit the nearby places like Ranikhet, Muktheshwar, Binsar, and many more which is less than 50km away from Almora.

5. KAUSANI: Kausani is a place that has some kind of landscape of Switzerland and is also known as Switzerland of India by Mahatma Gandhi. Kausani has some of the tallest peaks in the Himalayas. Kausani has got some of the very beautiful tea estates and farms that grow apricot and pears. Wake up early in the morning and witness panoramic sunrise in the Himalayas. Kasauli has many tourist attraction spots and trekkings which is a must to visit. Kausani is very famous for its breathtaking scenic beauty, pine forests, and snow tip peaks. And also it has a very unique kind of flora and fauna which is just beautiful!!!!

6. McLEODGANJ: Mcleodganj is a beautiful hill station in the suburbs of Dharmashala and is just 275km far from Delhi which is a wonderful destination to visit. The main revenue comes from the tourism industry in Mcleodganj and also many people come to study Tibetian Buddhism, culture, and crafts. It has amazing sightseeing with waterfalls, lakes, museums, and monasteries. the shopping is completely different from other places here, where you can buy some of the Tibetian things. The snow-tipped peaks make an amazing star gazing which is a must thing to do in Mcleodganj. And when in Mcleodganj try the Tibetian foods which are just great!!!

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