7 Weekend Destinations from Mumbai

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December 18, 2022

7 Weekend Destinations from Mumbai

1. Alibaug Beach:

Alibaug is a town in the Raigad locale of Maharashtra. The Alibaug seashore is the principal seashore in the town which is a serious famous seashore for arranging seashore occasions in Maharashtra. The seashore here is perfect and clean and ideal for a long stroll along the ocean side. The sandy seashore with coconut trees arranged improves the excellence of the spot. The spot is not just ideal for relaxation occasions yet additionally ideal for arranging wedding trips. The sound of the waves, the reasonable blue sky, and the cool wind blowing in the seashore make a heartfelt evening. There are several beaches in this quiet coastal town. Kolaba Beach, which offers spectacular views of the sunrise, sunset & Fort Colaba, and Mandwa Beach, from where you can enjoy views of the Gateway of India, are two famous beaches. You can enjoy water sports like jet skiing & boating or visit the forts & temples.

Distance from Mumbai:
95 Kilometers Approx.

Main attractions of place:

  • Kolaba Fort was built by Shivaji
  • Akshi beach
  • Kihim beach
  • The Khanderi Fort
  • The Kanakeshwar Mandir
  • Shitaladevi temple
  • Vikram Vinayak temple
  • the Karmarkar museum
  • the Magnetic observatory
  • the Korlai Fort

2. Ajanta and Ellora Caves:

The Ajanta Caves are a gathering of 29 Buddhist cavern sanctuaries in Ajanta, India. A portion of the caverns even dates back to the second century BC. These caverns show a combination of both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhist practices and have the absolute best works of art of Buddhist workmanship in the country. Vivid paintings and sculptures related to the existence of Buddha and different Bodhisattvas alongside regular scenes with significant engravings can be found in these caverns on the dividers. Ajanta Caves and the close by Ellora Caves are frequently investigated by travelers together on a tour. The alluring excellence of the Ajanta caverns isn’t restricted to the caverns and artworks yet there lays some untold secret about the spot that has it overwhelmed with vacationer consistently. The Ajanta caverns have been the capacity of history in India from the second century onwards. The time of the south ruler’s Satavahanas and the later periods have extraordinarily made Ajanta a display of artistic creations, engineering, engravings, and Buddhist religion and instructive focuses. The caverns have filled in as a repository for some chronicled records from which we comprehend the way of life of India. The Ajanta caverns have been the capacity of history in India from the second century onwards. The time of the south ruler’s Satavahanas and the later periods have uniquely made Ajanta a display of works of art, engineering, engravings, and Buddhist religion and instructive focuses. The caverns have filled in as a repository for some verifiable records from which we comprehend the way of life of India.

Distance from Mumbai
Ajanta caves: 428 Kilometres Approx.

The main attraction of the place:
30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments
Chikhaldara hill station

Ellora caves:

It’s known as Verul Leni by the nearby individuals are arranged in Aurangabad-Chalisgaon, 30 km. from Aurangabad. These lofty stone cut sanctuary caverns display craftsmanship and landmarks of Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism of the time of 600-1000C.E. The Kailasha Temple of this gathering of religious community cavern sanctuaries is model craftsmanship of solid single stone exhuming situated in cavern 16. The sanctuary even shows the legends, goddesses, and lords of the Hindu stories and the Shaktism and Vaishnavism religious factions. The combination of the Ellora caverns has an aggregate of 100 caverns, out of which just 34 caverns are for people in general. This gathering contains 5 Jain caverns, 17 Hindu caverns, and 12 Buddhist caverns. These caverns mirror the strict assumptions of individuals of that period. The Rashtrakuta Dynasty constructed the Buddhist and the Hindu caverns, while, the Yadav administration assembled the Jain caverns. These caverns filled complex needs like the house for imploring, a resting place for the explorers, and cloisters for the priests.

Distance from Mumbai
Ellora caves: 337 Kilometres Approx.

The main attraction of the place:
Daulatabad Fort
Bhadra Maruti Mandir

3. Mahabaleshwar:

Mahabaleshwar is a position of ethereal characteristic magnificence and in reality an able objective for couples and end of the week journeys. Mahabaleshwar, an excellent slope station, arranged in the Western Ghats Range of Maharashtra, is the evergreen timberland that shouts to the individuals who love nature. This used to be the capital of Bombay Province during the British system, is an excellent level encircled by slopes and the beginning mark of River Krishna. It is an ideal spot for the nature darlings just as the special night couple alongside an ideal objective for young people and spending voyagers also. Mahabaleshwar has various attractions that can make any voyager go gaga for it immediately. The beautiful excellence is something one can’t overlook in this slope location in Maharashtra. There are a few perspectives to see in Mahabaleshwar alongside lakes like Veena and cascade Lingmala. An unquestionable requirement thing to do here is to savor strawberries or mulberry that are presented with whipped cream. The Panch Ganga Temple is perhaps the most visited sanctuaries in Mahabaleshwar. Drifting is the center of the fascination of the Venna Lake and gives the traveler a quiet and tranquil experience, away from the hurrying around of the ordinary city life. The touring places in Mahabaleshwar are found very inside the scope of a vehicle driver and you can appreciate practically every one of the spots in the greatest a few days.

Distance from Mumbai
263 Kilometers Approx

The main attraction of the place:

  • Mahabaleshwar temple
  • Mapro’s Garden
  • Elephant’s head point
  • Panch Ganga Temple
  • Venna Lake
  • Krishna Bai Temple
  • Pratapgarh Fort
  • Lingmala Waterfall
  • Bhilar Waterfall
  • Helen’s Point
  • Carnac Point
  • Atibalehwar temple
  • Dhobi Waterfall
  • Morarji Castle

4. Karjat:

Karjat is embellished with rich timberland regions and it is one genuine excellence cherished by every one of the adventurers and venerated naturally sweethearts. This capturing objective settled amid the far-reaching Western Ghats is ideal for honeymooners, where they can savor the picturesque scene of magnificent mountains and revered spiritualist caverns. An Insight into Karjat Tourism. Karjat is blessed with countless vacation spots that give an ideal door to a heartfelt end of the week with loved ones. This very much acclaimed objective is known for being the site from the Oscar granted film – Slumdog Millionaire. Karjat is mainstream for Kondana Cave and in any case, the spot houses 16 caverns embellished by a cloister, stupa, petition corridor, and perplexing figures characterizing flawlessness combined with former carvings on Buddhism style. The curious Bhivpuri town offering closeness to Karjat is notable for the arresting cascades which thus had made it a decent cookout spot.

Distance from Mumbai
63 Kilometers Approx.

The main attraction of the place:

  • Kondana Caves
  • Kothaligad Fort
  • Jain temple
  • Ulhas Valley
  • Kondeshwar temple
  • Bhor Ghat
  • Bahiri Cave
  • Blackwaters of the Pali Bhutivali dam
  • Bhivpuri waterfall

5. Karnala:

Karnala is an ideal choice when you are looking for a short getaway from Mumbai during the monsoon. There is plenty of greenery to soothe your eyes and sightseeing options. A famous tourist attraction is the Karnala Bird Sanctuary which houses more than 147 species of resident birds. During the winter season, you can spot over 37 species of migratory birds. Inside the bird sanctuary is the Karnala Fort, whose ruins are a popular destination for trekking. The forest consists of moist deciduous plants. There are also wild animals in the sanctuary, like rhesus monkeys, wild boars, etc. The fort inside is also called the funnel fort and is a good place for sightseeing. The fort was probably constructed in 1400 BCE, under the Devagiri Yadavas and later by the Tughluqs. People generally stay at Panvel when they take a tour of Karnala Sanctuary and fort. However, there are two government circuit houses too, where the tourists can put up. There are several dhabas on the way to the sanctuary where you can eat.

Distance from Mumbai
50 Kilometers Approx

The main attraction of the place:

  • Karnala Fort
  • Pandu’s Tower
  • Karnala Sanctuary



6. Bhandardara:

Bhandardara is an exceptionally beautiful weekend destination close to Mumbai, so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to leave it after a while. It is a trekkers paradise, thanks to its lush landscape, which is marked by green paddy fields, musical waterfalls, hills embracing you from all sides, and plenty of fresh air. If your idea of a weekend getaway is being one with nature, then this is where you need to come to. The village has prominent places like Wilson Dam, Umbrella Falls, and Arthur Lake where you can plan a picnic with your loved ones. The village is also a delight for history lovers as there are places like Ratangad and Harishchandragad Fort. Another famous tourist attraction of Bhandardara is Mount Kalsubai which is also hailed as the highest peak in Maharashtra. There are also many local villages where one can visit to relax and enjoy the pleasant weather of this scenic hill station in Maharashtra. For the adventure lovers, there are some enthralling activities where you can explore Ajoba and Ghanchakkar peaks to soak in the serenity of nature with the views offered by Sahyadri ranges. There are numerous trekking and hiking places in the Sahyadri ranges where you can savor an adrenaline rush. Bhandardara also has various resorts where one can enjoy the panoramic views and just relax with their loved ones. The gorgeous hill station offers a soothing environment with a cool climate throughout the year where you can refresh yourself and see some of the most eye-catching vistas of the Sahyadri ranges.

Distance from Mumbai
164 Kilometers Approx.

The main attraction of the place:

  • Amruteshwar Temple
  • Wilson Dam
  • Arthur Lake
  • Umbrella Falls
  • Randha Falls
  • Agastya Rishi Ashram

7. Lonavala:

It’s accepted that Lonavala is the most visited end of the week escape from Mumbai, and it’s not hard to perceive any reason why. Anybody from Mumbai will cherish a spot with cool air, thick greenery, lakes, cascades, gives in, dams, and even sanctuaries, for those that are profoundly disposed. Appreciate the exquisite perspectives from the review focuses, plan a cookout at Ryewood Park and surprisingly go climbing to Duke’s Nose, named so because it’s accepted to look like the nose of the Duke of Wellington. Lonavla is a lovely spot situated in Maharashtra with a grape-green valley. This spot is without a doubt one of the must-visit objections in Maharashtra. Earlier, having a place with the tradition controlled by the Yadavas, Lonavla is said to have been utilized by the Mughals as a critical area against their foes. The wonderland-like slope station trails over a thick cover of grass and is wrapped with the excellence of cascades and completely clear lakes. Most popular for the acclaimed treats Chikki, the appealing slope station remains at the raised tallness of 2,047 ft from the level of the ocean. It positions in the scope of Sahyadri what separates the Konkan Coast from that of Deccan level, in this way offering an amazing perspective on the environmental factors. The spot offers a huge number of enticing vacation destinations that are difficult to overlook.

Distance from Mumbai
83 Kilometers Approx.

Main attractions of the place:

  • Tigers leap
  • Bhaja cave
  • Karla cave
  • Duke’s nose
  • Bhushi dam
  • Tikona fort
  • Lohagad fort
  • Pawna lake

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