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November 11, 2022

1. Matheran trekking:

This place is best said to be the cleanest hill station in India. This hill station is 125km away from Pune and is one of the most visited trekking places on the weekends. It is even said that there are no motorcycles or vehicles allowed to completely stop the pollution as it echoes a lot and it’s eco-friendly. It gives you a wonderful view of the landscape. This place is the best to experience or trek by foot. To reach the hill station it’s good to travel by train to explore the wonderful nature and view visiting over there. it will take a minimum of 3 hours to reach there. There is even a government bus available to reach Dasturi Naka from Karjat railway station. Neral to Matheran distance is 8 km and will take 20 to 25 minutes to cover. And the best time to visit the place is from November to February where you can experience full of greenery and a good weather condition to trek. The place even has wonderful sunrise and sunset views, and people often travel for this. There are even some must-visit places here. The echo point is one where it’s like a theatre of nature where you can experience the echo. To view, the sunset it’s better to visit Cecil point. Then charlotte lake is incredibly scenic and located near the Shiva temple. Then there is the Garbett plateau which gives the absolute picture of the plateau of the hill. There are even other places to visit like Belvedere Point, Rambaug Point, Madhavji Point, Olympia Ground, etc.

2. Vasota Fort Trek:

This fort is in the Satara district and is famous for its views of Koyana backwaters and the wildlife sanctuary. It is a remarkably interesting place that passes through steep hills and way back built forts. This is 160 km from Pune and can catch a direct bus for Satara from where the base village Bamnoli is 40 km. The route passes through the famous Kaas Plateau and from Bamnoli you can take a boat to reach the start point of the Vasota Fort Jungle Trek. It is better suggested to start the trek exceedingly early. The difficulty of the trek is moderate. The trek passes through dense jungles and can nearly take an hour to reach the fort. Once you reach the fort you get the new fort, old fort, and the nageshwara cave temple. The cave is carved in the pinnacle with Mahadev temple inside. It is visible from the Vasota Fort. It is best to visit from October to December. The visit to the old fort has been banned due to the presence of wild animals. You can even camp in bamnoli beside the river and enjoy the night.

3. Raigad fort trekking:

Raigad is a hill fort located at Pachad close to Mahad in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This is one of the most well-known forts in Maharashtra and a famous spot for journeying close to Pune. Prior called Rairi, Raigad was most influenced by Chandrarao More of Jawali and was caught by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s in 1656 CE. By winning and getting control over the Rairi Fort, Shivaji Maharaj got it renovated and renamed it Raigad (the King’s Fort). Shivaji Maharaj made it his capital in 1674 CE when he was delegated as King. The fortress was obliterated by the British in 1818 CE after they vanquished it. You can reach the base village panchad and has nearly 1500 steps from there to reach the fort. You can reach the fort by foot or by the rope lines. There is even a better trekking way through the jungle. Then you can see the maha Darwaja that’s the entry point of the fort and can see the two superior pillars named Jai and Vijay. Then entering the fort, you can explore the Palakhi Darwaja, Mena Darwaja, Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj Statue, Hanuman Taake, Nagarkhana, Bazaar Peth, and so on. The Palak Darwaja was the pathway through which Shivaji’s mother (Jijamata) used to enter the Raigad Fort. You can also visit the Rajyasabhagruh where the Raj Sinhasan of Shivaji Maharaj was located. It will take a whole day to explore the fort.

4. Dudhsagar Trek:

This is one of India’s tallest four-tiered waterfalls. It is surrounded by thick forests and good biodiversity. it also forms the border between Karnataka and Goa states. You can visit the place by catching the goa express train from kulem with an overnight journey over there. Visit the waterfall in the morning for an excellent view and calmness of nature. The name comes with a story of a princess who used to bathe near the lake. Then once a prince trespasses the place and comes nearby because of the princesses and their gigglings. Seeing this the maidens poured the jug of milk to cover her. This made the cascading effect and got the name, Dudh Sagar. This cascading milky appearance, which was believed to guard the modesty of the royal princess, is today considered as the legend of Dudhsagar Falls. It’s well known for its misty view and wildlife nature.

5. Rajmachi trekking:

This fort is 82km from Pune and is one of the most visited places during weekends. It’s covered with dense forest is recommended to visit during monsoon. The historical fort dating back to the time of the great Maratha ruler Chatrapati Shivaji is located amidst the lush green Sahyadri range and is one of the most sought-after trekking destinations in Maharashtra where you can experience nature in varying moods. It has several waterfalls, deep gorges, and valleys, quaint villages, waterways. You can reach Udhewadi base village from Pune through the roadway and trek a shorter distance for 30 minutes. You can visit the Tungarli Lake, Valvan Lake which is located just about 10 km from Lonavala, Valvan village is an idyllic hamlet and a well-known tourist destination of Maharashtra abounding several waterfalls and spellbinding natural beauty to allure nature lovers, tigers leap and Kune waterfall. The must things to do there are camping near pawna lake, paragliding in kamashet, and the Baja cave exploration.

Exploring cave

48km from Gokarna and 69km from Vibhuti falls, Yana cave looks stunning from outside and amazing from the inside. It is considered as holy as it holds a cave temple. The black soil surrounding the cave is what is interesting. Let the folklores and faith seep inside you and emerge back in awe of the rock formations and the view. The trek to the Yana cave is filled with adventure and as you are about to reach the cave, the view of it against the blue sky and lush greeneries, is just wow!

Visit temples

Gokarna Is a holy place and abode of Lord Shiva. There are famous temples in this town that will fill you up with high spirits and spirituality. Mahabaleshwar, Mahaganapati, Bhadrakali, Mahalasa, temples welcome all devotees and the stories behind the temples and deities will let you travel back in time. KOtiteertha pond is considered holy and devotes do take a dip here to feel blessed. The only request of the temple authorities is to keep it holy as it is and respect the space. The other renowned and much-famous temple is the Murudeshwara temple, which is 75KM from Gokarna. 

Wander the streets of Gokarna and shop

The streets of Gokarna has its own old-time charm. Old architectural houses and shop spaces are beautiful along with the calmness the people hold in this town. The shops sell all kinds of musical instruments, shells, antique and unique jewellery, gems, clothes and everything that holds the essence of Gokarna. The temple town is clean and the aroma of burning diyas and incense sticks along with fresh flowers, is pure bliss.

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