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July 8, 2022



My friends and I had just completed our 12th board exams and it was time for us to plan where to go to celebrate. We were thinking of Goa when I realized that I had always wanted to explore different parts of Chennai and this was the best time to do so. So we packed the stuff we needed, took out the savings we had for the trip, booked the places to stay in advance and we were on our way. It was easier to drive down to save money, so we took the car out by 8:00 am and headed out for our 6 hour-long journeys.
We sang songs with the music blasting out of the car and took lots of pictures as we got closer to our destination. Once we reached we put got our hotel key, put the bags in our room, and instantly left out to go explore. First, we went to this restaurant where we had gobi and chapati for lunch and it was pretty cheap for the amazing quality and quantity. Then we hopped on auto to go visit the Government museum where the entrance fee was just 15 rupees. We saw some beautiful artifacts, marble sculptures, and even a statue of Gautam Buddha dating back to the 2nd century. Next, we headed out to the Guindy national park where we saw 14 different species of mammals including the very beautiful blackbuck. It was insane the number of pictures we took and it was so beautiful to see how even though modern culture has caused a lot of changes to its own culture there is plenty of it that we see everywhere.

The next day we headed out to a botanical garden called Semmozhi Poonga, where we sat down to have a lovely picnic. I was so mesmerized by the place that I didn’t ever want to leave it. That entire afternoon we had long chats, good food, and the scenic view. On the way back, the Connemara Public Library was close to where we were staying, so we checked it out. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw books that are so old yet so well intact. This depository library has almost all the literature works of India. It even has a reference room, video room, and a periodic hall for those who are keen learners of Indian literature or for research work. The day was just too good to be true and I had the most fun I had in a long time.

On our 3rd day here we decided to go to the famous Marina beach. We left at 4 am to reach at 5 am so we can enjoy the beach without the crowd. We even made it just In time for the sunrise and I was so delighted by the way nature has made our lives so wonderful. We played with the sand and had long strolls. Once we were back we washed up and took a rest. In the evening we headed out to the Maharani Theatre to go catch a movie and it felt great to watch a Tamil movie in the very same theatre that my father used to go to when he was a kid.

Visiting all these places was wonderful but we also wanted to learn more about the temples in Chennai so we visited the Marundeeshwar temple. It was so mesmerizing to see the intricate works on the temple walls and how beautiful the carvings were done. Architects back then seem to be even more precise than the ones now because this temple has been here for 1300 years now and is still standing strong. Since Elliot’s beach was close by we decided to get lunch and then go to the beach. We watched the sunset and I had never felt more comfort and solitude. Sadly today was the last day and we had to drive back the next morning.
It was truly a wonderful experience and showing my friends my culture made me feel so proud and happy. I genuinely appreciate my culture and even hope to continue practicing the things from my Tamilian culture.

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