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July 15, 2022

Coorg, authoritatively called Kodagu, is the most pursued and famous hill station of Karnataka. Lying gently amid high mountains, Coorg’s scene stays dim consistently. The people of Kodagu are called Kodavas. Aside from Kannada, the other two fundamental Languages of this place are Kodagu and Kodava. 

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Kodagu is between October to May and the pinnacle season for this hill station is February to May. Kodagu is the biggest maker of Coffee in India. Likewise, it is one of the districts with the most noteworthy rainfall in the nation. Undulating hills canvassed in lavish green forests and a scene dabbed with coffee, tea nurseries, and orange groves. Being a piece of the Western Ghats, Coorg is wealthy in Flora and fauna. It has three sanctuaries – the Talacauvery, Pushpagiri, and Brahmagiri Sanctuaries, and one public park, the Nagarhole National Park. A portion of the animal species found in these natural life parks incorporate are the Asiatic elephant, tigers, panthers, and wild boars. 

Coorg is likewise renowned for traveling activities with peaks like Thandiyandamole, Brahmagiri, and Pushpagiri. Elephant rides at Dubare Elephant camp and rafting in the Upper Barapole River are other fascinating activities in Madikeri. Plus, Coorg can likewise be visited alongside Wayanad bundles and Ooty.

Journey to Coorg:

We were 3 of us who were traveling from Bengaluru, another friend is a Kodava, so accommodation was at his guest house. We 3 took the KSRTC bus from Satellite town Bengaluru overnight, we reached Gonikoppa early in the morning. It costs about Rs. 450/- one way.


Places we visited are:

1. Chelavara Falls:


Chelavara falls is a beautiful milky waterfall in Coorg. It is a beautiful waterfall formed by small river streams. This waterfall is considered a tribute to the river Kaveri. To reach the falls we need to trek a steep hill for about half a kilometer. We visited this place at Covid time, so we couldn’t get near to the waterfall. But otherwise, they conduct activities like waterfall rappelling in this place. Though we didn’t get access to the place, we found a back way to get near the waterfall, where only a few of them knew the way to it. 

2. Habbi:

This is a very offbeat place of Coorg which is known only to Kodavas. You won’t get any information about this beautiful yet dangerous falls on the internet as it is not a tourist spot. We need to go offroading for about 15mins deep inside the forest to reach this place. After that, there’s a bunch of slippery boulders with streams of water flowing between it, we need to trek/ hike for about 10mins very carefully and then we reach this serene beauty. This place is very secluded and some of the local people around here do fishing. This seems to be a very secluded and offbeat place of Coorg, and I would personally suggest not to make this a tourist attraction and spoil its beauty 

3. Glenlorna Tea Estate:


As we know that this is the only tea estate in Coorg. Between the hills and dense you will get to see this beautiful tea estate which is owned by TATA. we walked around the tea estate and were amazed by the beauty and landscape it offers. This would be a must-visit place if you come to Coorg.  

4. Irpu falls:


This is a beautiful waterfall from Brahmagiri hills. This is also one of the best or must-visit places in Coorg. We hiked about 1.5 km to reach the waterfall. We get to see river streams flowing by our right side and dense forest on our left in between the trail. There’s a small hanging bridge on the way to cross the river. We reached the waterfall and got amazed by its beauty. Too many people were gathered and were playing beside the waterfall. We clicked some pictures and came back to the entrance and ate delicious and spicy Bhel puri.

5. Talacauvery:


It is one of the most important religious places. This is the birth of the place of mother Cauvery. We drove around 45 km to reach this destination. We need to walk half a kilometer to reach the temple from the entrance, the place was fully covered with fog and the roads were pretty damaged due to recent landslides that happened in the place. We were blessed with the Darshana of the goddess Talacauvery and it was a truly blissful experience overall.

6. Kunda betta: 


Kunda Betta is a small hill around the Village of Kunda in Ponnampet taluk of Coorg, Karnataka. The stroll to the slope is short yet the last couple of meters is uphill. There is a Shiva temple at the top which is venerated by the locals as the defender of the land. Every year a yearly celebration is held at the temple where every one of the townspeople gathers. The view from the top gives an all-encompassing perspective on the paddy fields and close by slopes. We trekked for approximately 3 to 4kms. And the view from the top was so mesmerizing. It was foggy, we could reach out to the clouds. Just beware of leeches as the trail to the top is through the dense rain forest. 

 7. Nagarhole tiger reservoir: 


Nagarahole tiger reserve frames a basic associating environment for tigers and elephants to different areas of Western Ghats through Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary and toward the Eastern Ghats through Bandipur Tiger Reserve. We didn’t get inside the sanctuary, instead, we drove to the forest just to see any animals passing by the roads. Though it’s a tiger reservoir, we weren’t lucky enough to see any tigers, instead, we saw wild elephants, wild boar, Indian black bear, peacocks, bison, and a lot of deers. 


We didn’t dine in any particular restaurant as we were staying in a Kodava’s house, we experienced some of the best Kodava cuisines. And my one of the best trip ends here. The best thing which I liked about Coorg is the weather. We went on a rainy season and to be honest, we were wet throughout the whole trip due to rain. We didn’t bother about the rain or whatsoever, we enjoyed it and we had an interesting situation to handle in habbi. Our jeep had got stuck in the mud and there was uphill which we couldn’t get through. There was no one around to help us, no houses nearby, and no mobile network. There were so many pebbles nearby the river stream, we gathered all those pebbles and made a temporary road for the jeep to go through the uphill. The overall experience of this trip was amazing and given a chance, I would never hesitate to visit this beautiful place once again. 

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