Gokarna As We Know!


Written by Jayanth R

April 6, 2021

Gokarna as we know it!

Land of Shiva, glistening sand, waterfall and amazing hospitality. Indeed it is supposed to Gokarna. The land that oozes peace, serenity and boasts of sea shores that are less crowded and away from the noise. Well, it’s always the best time to visit Gokarna, except the monsoons because reptiles, yes and rain pouring endlessly, oh yes!

NO words or descriptions would do justice to the tranquil beaches or to the hiking trail that offers the thrill of viewing the sea from atop and letting you know why OM beach is named as it is. Read more and get to know what Gokarna can offer you for excitement and make you calm all at the same time. Gokarna is about 59KM from Karwar, 483 KM from Bengaluru and 238KM from Mangalore and is perfect for an amazing road trip.


The temple town is home to several beaches, which is serene, peaceful and each beach holds its own charm and story. OM beach is where the visible OM symbol represents the holiness that it is famous for. It also has some good shops on the beach and you can indulge in good food at the cafes and enjoy the thrill of water sports. Kudle and Nirvana beaches are famous for camping, bonfire nights and calmness. If you are lucky, you can spot phytoplanktons (glowing blue algae) in the Nirvana beach during the night time as well. Apart from these there are various other beaches, which you can hike to and enjoy the serenity it possess.


Heard it right, hiking trail overlooking the sea is a wonder. Look at the horizons and the shape of OM beach and feel the energy. Cover the greenery, rocky paths, few climbs are required but the sweat is worth the view and the greetings from the wave. Be awed by the remains on the beaches that once was a hub for travellers from all over. Dwell in the mystery as you like.


After a tired day, a bonfire, music, friends, waves and stars… oh what a wonderful sight to behold, relax for the night and bring in good thoughts and vibes. Camp on the beach amidst the sound of the waves that’s better than man-made music any day. Experience sleeping in tents and feel the earth beneath and sky above, well not literally because you will be inside the tents.

Watching the Waterfall

42KM from Gokarna is Vibhuti falls that lets you listen to the roar of the falling water and feel the coldness of the fresh water gushing through limestones. Feel the calmness of the falls and enjoy the view. Play in the water or just find your rock and sit in awe, do whatever you wish. To reach the falls is itself a walk with amazing views of the sahayadri forests and path laden with silver leaves, as if welcoming you to its abode.

Exploring cave

48km from Gokarna and 69km from Vibhuti falls, Yana cave looks stunning from outside and amazing from the inside. It is considered as holy as it holds a cave temple. The black soil surrounding the cave is what is interesting. Let the folklores and faith seep inside you and emerge back in awe of the rock formations and the view. The trek to the Yana cave is filled with adventure and as you are about to reach the cave, the view of it against the blue sky and lush greeneries, is just wow!

Visit temples

Gokarna Is a holy place and abode of Lord Shiva. There are famous temples in this town that will fill you up with high spirits and spirituality. Mahabaleshwar, Mahaganapati, Bhadrakali, Mahalasa, temples welcome all devotees and the stories behind the temples and deities will let you travel back in time. KOtiteertha pond is considered holy and devotes do take a dip here to feel blessed. The only request of the temple authorities is to keep it holy as it is and respect the space. The other renowned and much-famous temple is the Murudeshwara temple, which is 75KM from Gokarna. 

Wander the streets of Gokarna and shop

The streets of Gokarna has its own old-time charm. Old architectural houses and shop spaces are beautiful along with the calmness the people hold in this town. The shops sell all kinds of musical instruments, shells, antique and unique jewellery, gems, clothes and everything that holds the essence of Gokarna. The temple town is clean and the aroma of burning diyas and incense sticks along with fresh flowers, is pure bliss.

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