Kudremukha trek


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November 19, 2021


Kudremukha also known as Samsepravatha is located in Chikmagalur District.  The word kudremukh is translated as horse face in the Kannada language, this peak is considered to be the 3rd highest peak of Karnataka with an altitude of 6207 feet after Bababudangiri and Mullayyanagiri.

Kudremukh is known to have one of the largest deposits of Iron ore in the world. In 1913 Sampath Iyengar went in search of an iron ore deposit from a place called Balehonnur. When he was trotting along river Bhadra, his horse’s shoe attracted fine iron ore particles. Then he followed the track of iron ore along the river bed and reached the present Aroli ranges (Kudremukh) where iron ore deposits were discovered.

The best time to visit Kudremukh is between June- February. During winter and monsoon, you can get to see the sightings of many small streams, long bamboo shrubs, and the darkest side of the Shola forest. To trek kudremukh hill, you need to take permission from the Forest department at Mullodi village and the permission is given only to the first 50 persons in a day, and the entry charge is around ₹600 per person. Also remember, You’ll get breakfast and lunch at the base village starting itself.

The Kudremukh Trek is a moderately difficult type and it’s recommended to start early in the morning as the weather turns windy after 2:00 PM in the western ghats and return before 6:00 PM. The trekking distance to be covered is about 18 Kms and you need 5 hours to reach the peak and returning to the base would take about 3 hours.

As you enter the forest you can hear Somawathi waterfalls and then you reach the Shola forest as mentioned if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to see the sightings of deer and Peacock and other wild animals in the jungle, you will even get to encounter lion-tailed macaque, hanuman langur, Malabar slender loris, etc. After moving a mile you will get to cross a stream and you can watch out for many small streams and waterfalls.

you will reach the first Onntimara, a milestone while trekking Kudremukh, this spot is right after you exit the forest. It will take around 2 hours to reach the second Ontimara then you can have a small break. Then from 2nd ontimara, it’s the final stretch to the valley. You can watch out for beautiful scenic views and the green hills. When you are close to the peak, it will be more cloudy and it gets steeper as you trek and you will slowly get to see the picture of the peak. Reach the peak by 1:00 PM and you can enjoy the view of the green hills and the scenic view from the peak. Take a 270-degree view from the peak and enjoy the scenic view if you’re lucky you will surely find the beautiful green rolling hills view

Apart from trekking, you can also visit the other nearby places like Kurinjal peak, Gangadadikal peak, Vaalinkunja peak, Seetha Bhoomi, and Narasimhaparvatha, Ballarayandurga fort trek, Lakya dam lake.



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