Kurinjal Peak Trek


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June 30, 2021

Kurinjal Peak  – An Hidden Gem in Westernghats

Difficulty: Moderate
Trekking Season: July-February
Max Altitude: 5751 feet
Duration: 1 day ( 20 km)
Trekking Charge: 250
Distance: 300kms from Bengaluru


How to reach Kurinjal from Bengaluru:

Road: You can book an overnight bus and reach Kalasa or you can travel by your own vehicle.

Rail: The nearest railway station is Mangalore railway station which is 96km from Kudremukh. From there you can book a cab to reach Kurinjal.

Air: The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport which is 86km away from the Kudremukh. From there you can book a cab to reach Kurinjal.

The Kurinjal Peak journey requires consent from the Forest division as it goes under Kudremukh National Park.  At the Entrance of Bhagavathi Nature Camp, there is a forest office where you can get consent. There is likewise an alternative of taking a guide on the trek from the forest office.

It’s one day trekking,  though its easy-moderate trek level, trekkers need to conquer many difficulties while moving towards the peak, which further upgrades the rush and energy of the trip. Another energizing part of the journey is that the trekkers get an opportunity to appreciate homestay with the neighborhood individuals. It gives them a chance to comprehend the life and culture of these individuals, who actually feel fought about discovering bliss in littlest things. 


Things to see in Kurinjal:

  • Traveling in the evergreen forests of Kudremukh National Park: 


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Trekking Kurinjal top takes you through the thick rainforests of Kudremukh National Park. While you are trekking you can here birds twittering, animals sounds and the stirring sound of leaves , but still there exists a feeling of quietness away from everything. 

  • Dazzling view on the moving green hills:



Kurinjal Peak trek offers a great view of the whole Kudremukh locale. Indeed, you can see the Kudremukh top from this trek. When you emerge from the thick forests, you see an immense clearing where the glorious moving green slopes unfurls before you. The last stretch of the journey is steep. You need to climb a tremendous stone, which is 80 degrees slanted. You journey under an open sky which is enjoyed by high wind. trekking here while facing chilling breeze is something you won’t get to experience oftenly.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of areas that test your perseverance and endurance. You should be ready for the trek to appreciate nature without feeling depleted. There are numerous little waterfalls and streams close to the path. It is additionally home to numerous wild creatures, vivid birds, and a large number of leeches. Journeying in this segment is trying as you experience at least 2 leeches at each progression. 

Best time to visit Kurinjal Peak:

The best season to do the Kurinjal trek is from June to February. In any case, the Kudremukh district gets a charming climate consistently. During storm and winter, you can see numerous little streams, dull shola timberland, bamboo bushes adequately tall enough to reach the sky, and moving green slopes. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are doing the trek interestingly it is advisable to stay away from the rain season as a portion of the areas can get precarious to arrange. A portion of the areas of the trek includes traveling under the open sky. Henceforth, traveling at the peak of the mid-year season isn’t suggested.

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