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May 20, 2022

Mandaragiri hills

It’s just about 60 km from Bengaluru and is yet another destination that is perfect to get away for a day or the weekend. Mandaragiri hills in Tumkur is an ideal photography destination. The hill is also known as Basadi Betta locally and is a hillock that scales up through around 450 steps. While there’s a short trek, a small pond, several boulders of all shapes and sizes, and multiple temples, the highlight of the place is the famous architectural beauty- the pinchi-shaped 81 feet tall Guru Mandir. A pinchi is a peacock feather fan with bright blue-green shades which can take away all your blues. Another attraction here is the tall Chandranatha Thirthankara statue. Basadi Betta is a significant pilgrimage center for Jains in the southern state of Karnataka. The best way to reach there is by car or bike and the drive takes approximately 1.5-2 hours.

The places get best to visit to see the sunrise and sunset. Not only that if your lucky enough you can see a lot of peacocks and wild pigs over there which is a home for hundreds of them. It is best to go on an early morning ride by bike. If you leave Bengaluru by 5 in the morning you’ll reach the place by 6:30 a.m and enter the place. You have to pay an additional amount for the parking of your vehicle over there and it costs only 20 rs. You can have s break as there are several hotels which offer simple snacks and breakfast. So you can start by climbing the hill on the top by crossing the 450 steps. Believe me, the stairs are a little broad and in height and will often make you tired. Keep sure you have a water bottle as there are no shops on top of the hill. After you reach the top you can see a wonderful scene of the sun rising and other neighboring hills and the big lake aside. You can have a look at the ancient Jain temple on top of the hill which is believed to be built in the 16th century. Then you can get down on the other side and can have a look on other small ponds, temples, architecture, some old carvings which shows several god and goddesses worshiped over there.

Then when you get down the hill you can have a wonderful view of the Mydala lake. The lake view from the top of the hill is just mesmerizing. The lake is completely neat and one can drink the water on the side. But due to several instructions its been prohibited to take a dip on the lake. Other than that you can police training their dogs on the side of the lake. You can also see a lot of neighboring hills over there. Often more you can have or click amazing pictures over there. You can also communicate with a lot of bikers who come traveling around Bengaluru and can join them on the weekends to make your boredom fade away. Then if you stay in the evening you can look at the amazing view of the sunset with a mirror image of the sunset on the river.

Then you can get back to the base of the hill and next go to the Jain temple which is an amazingly built architecture that has also got a record of beautiful architecture in Karnataka. From the gate, you can see a small garden around the temple and when you enter the temple you can see pictures and carvings of old believed stories of how that peacock feather broom was so magical in the past and what were its causes. Then you can visit the Mukha Mantappa which shows the idol of the Chandranatha Tirthankara.

To finish this you’ll be completely hungry and would love to have a great meal. So Bengaluru people love having biriyani early morning and when it comes to early morning biriyani, people often tell you the Hoskote biriyani. This place is famous for its mutton and chicken biriyani who serves early 5 in the morning till night on only specific days. it’s a great experience to have the biriyani. This is 40 km from the hills and 65km back to Bangalore from hoskote

These are some of the pictures around we took:

Exploring cave

48km from Gokarna and 69km from Vibhuti falls, Yana cave looks stunning from outside and amazing from the inside. It is considered as holy as it holds a cave temple. The black soil surrounding the cave is what is interesting. Let the folklores and faith seep inside you and emerge back in awe of the rock formations and the view. The trek to the Yana cave is filled with adventure and as you are about to reach the cave, the view of it against the blue sky and lush greeneries, is just wow!

Visit temples

Gokarna Is a holy place and abode of Lord Shiva. There are famous temples in this town that will fill you up with high spirits and spirituality. Mahabaleshwar, Mahaganapati, Bhadrakali, Mahalasa, temples welcome all devotees and the stories behind the temples and deities will let you travel back in time. KOtiteertha pond is considered holy and devotes do take a dip here to feel blessed. The only request of the temple authorities is to keep it holy as it is and respect the space. The other renowned and much-famous temple is the Murudeshwara temple, which is 75KM from Gokarna. 

Wander the streets of Gokarna and shop

The streets of Gokarna has its own old-time charm. Old architectural houses and shop spaces are beautiful along with the calmness the people hold in this town. The shops sell all kinds of musical instruments, shells, antique and unique jewellery, gems, clothes and everything that holds the essence of Gokarna. The temple town is clean and the aroma of burning diyas and incense sticks along with fresh flowers, is pure bliss.

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