Munnar – The Kashmir of Kerala


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October 15, 2021

Munnar is a modest community in the Idukki locale along the Western Ghats. The name Munnar is given since three mountains make a juncture here. There are many towns around the space, individuals living here are for the most part Tamilians and Malayalees. Munnar is considered as the hill station which was before the late spring resort for the British Government Elites. Munnar has a wide scope of adventure games to offer including rock-climbing, rappelling, paragliding, trekking, cycling, etc.  Munnar is popular for the wild Neelakurinchi orchids, which sprout once in twelve years when the whole valley becomes violet. Located near the Top Station is another must-see detect, the Echo Point, known for its regular reverberation. The climate in Munnar remains very wonderful consistently, however, in summer, people particularly tend to result in these present circumstances spot to escape from the searing warmth in different pieces of the country. During rainstorm season Munnar faces heavy rainfall. 

The journey towards Munnar:

This trip to Munnar was with my family members. We were 5 of them and we traveled from Bengaluru to Munnar in our own car. We started our journey early in the morning. The drive to Munnar was so beautiful and fun with family members. We sang songs, took breaks in between, entered the forests, and encountered some wild elephants and deers. We reached Munnar by evening. We stayed at Elixir hills for 3 days.

Places we visited are:

  • Atukkad Waterfalls:


Situated while in transit to Pallivasal amid thick vegetation Encircled by steep slopes which adds appeal to the old excellence of the spot. Adventurers believe this spot to be a Good objective as there are many traveling trails for trekking around the waterfalls. we could hear a tinkle of water from a significant distance, and the landscape here enthralls the mind and leaves its imprint.

  • Echo point:


Situated 15 kilometers from Munnar, at a height of 600 feet above sea level is the popular Echo Point. Known for its characteristic echo marvel, it is at Echo Point where you can hear your voice resonate back to you as an echo when you shout out loud. Arranged along the banks of the beautiful Kundala Lake, Echo Point is encircled by hazy mists, slopes, verdant glades, and thick forest, we had a very fun time at this place.

  • Eravikulam National Park:


The Eravikulam national park is certainly a value visiting fascination. Otherwise called Rajamala, Eravikulam is home to Nilgiri Thar, an imperiled type of goat. The Eravikulam National Park is home to uncommon and endangered species like Tiger, Leopard, Nilgiri Tahr, Gaur, Indian Muntjac and Sambar Deer, Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat, Wild dog, and Dhole.

  • Top station:


Top Station is situated around 32 km away from Munnar. The main objective is mainstream for some reasons as it has very popular  Neelakurinji blossoms, which sprout once in twelve years, making this spot unique among sightseers. It had a stunning tea ranch, quiet valleys, beautiful waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. To get a delightful sight of the mists floating on top of the lake or over the tea garden, we went early in the morning. 

  • Marayur:


Being one of the significant hill stations in Kerala, Munnar is honored with the beauty of nature. The few slopes, tea estates, National Parks, Rivers, and lakes have made Munnar a fundamental vacationer location in India. At Marayur we strolled along the sugarcane plantations and tasted some canes too. There was a small trek, after reaching the top we saw Nilgiri Langurs and Giant Malabar squirrels. We were amazed at the variety of butterflies and birds that find in this place.

  • Mattupetty Dam:


Developed for conserving water to produce hydroelectricity, the Mattupetty Dam is one of the well-known excursion spots in Munnar. The dam is based on Mattupetty Lake which is home to a few types of birds and creatures because of the lasting amount of water through the supply. we had a refreshing walk around the lake and also did boating.

  • Devikulam:


This untainted hill station with its velvet yards, extraordinary vegetation, and the cool mountain air is an uncommon encounter. The Sita Devi Lake with its mineral waters and pleasant environmental factors is a decent place of interest. The lake is likewise ideal for trout fishing. The Sita Devi Lake at Devikulam has a legend that Sita, spouse of Lord Rama, cleaned up in this warm water spring, making it a devoted journey spot to visit.

And that comes to an end of our Munnar trip. We didn’t dine anywhere, in particular, the food was already available at our hotel. But we bought some snacks and fruits from the local vendors on the streets while traveling around Munnar. We really had a fun time on this trip. It was a proper family getaway and it rejuvenated our relationship and bond. At night we did have a campfire and did have so much fun by singing dancing, playing dumsharates, etc. we went on this trip many years ago, hence I was not knowing much about this place and didn’t know about the beauty of nature and wildlife. Given a chance, I would like to visit this beautiful place once again and explore more adventurous and amazing places than on my previous trip. 

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