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July 22, 2022

 “Munnar the mystic hills”


The moving slopes around Munnar, it’s one of South India’s biggest tea-developing districts and which is mostly covered in emerald-green tea estates, formed, cut, and etched like elaborate fences. The low Western Ghats view is eminent. Munnar is a fabulous spot in Kerala, and its excellence draws in a huge number of tourists consistently towards it. Different perspectives are isolated all through this space, from where you can view the staggering valleys, slopes, waterways, and extraordinary greenery. Its lovely slopes, unblemished lakes, and rough landscapes have additionally made it a mainstream traveling and campground. Photopoint is another shocking spot in Munnar loaded up with shimmering streams and quiet woods and is an ideal spot for taking photos. The climate in Munnar remains very wonderful consistently, however in summer, people particularly tend to result in these present circumstances spot to escape from the searing warmth in different pieces of the country. During rainstorm season Munnar faces heavy rainfall. Among the colorful verdure found in the woodlands and fields. Munnar is acclaimed for its tea plantations which were a considerable lot of them began during the British Raj.

 The journey from Mysore to Munnar was extremely incredible because of the beauty of nature, blue skies, and the aroma of Nilgiris and some good music with friends was just amazing. Dancing in the car, racing one another, and exploring nature were so good. Driving in the woods for so long catching up with few animals and lost in the woods and finding a way back was just thrilling. After a long drive from Mysore, finally reached Munnar at midnight!!! Reservations were made for the stay in the beautiful resort of Club Mahindra’s Lakeview Resort. Waking up with warm sunshine, cool breeze, and birds chirping was perfect. Had an amazing English breakfast and started to discover the serene beauty of Munnar. Explored the local cuisine bought some fresh spices and tea powder way back home and enjoyed the lavish stay in the resort.

The few most popular places we visited in Munnar are:

  • Top station
  • Echo point
  • Elephant abode boat
  • Photo point
  1. Top station: Covered up in the astonishing green valleys of Munnar, this staggering location is one of Kerala’s most wonderful slope towns, that draws an enormous number of tourists consistently. Top Station is situated around 32 km away from Munnar. The main objective is mainstream for some reasons as it has very popular blossom Neelakurinji blossoms (Strobilanthus), which sprout once in twelve years, makes this spot unique among sightseers. Different things that make this a spot worth visiting are its stunning tea ranch, quiet valleys, beautiful waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. To get a delightful sight of the mists floating on top of the lake or over the tea garden, one should rise and shine early in the morning which looks magnificent.


 2. Echo point: Situated at an elevation of 600 ft. around 15 kilometers from Munnar, Echo Point is arranged right in the lap of a lake and cloudy slopes covered with lavish green trees. As you shout, it is enjoyable to hear your voice resonate around the fascination over and over. The special excellence of the Echo Point denotes the intersection of three mountain ranges. Arranged on the banks of a lake, the quiet and serenity of this spot are captivating. You can enjoy boating or go sailing in the peaceful waters of the lake. This place is a heaven for birdwatchers, as various local birds can be spotted here. You can likewise see a couple of shops near the lake where you can buy some fascinating things.


3. Elephant abode boat: Elephant’s Abode Boating Anayirangal Munnar is one of the most fascinating in Munnar. The spot is enhanced with the picturesque perspective on the Western Ghat ranges. The Anayirangal dam is encircled by tea estates and evergreen forests. At the point when you have gone around seven kilometers from Chinnakanal, you arrive at Anayirangal. Anayirangal, 22 km from Munnar, is a rich green floor covering tea plants. The uncommon sight of elephant groups boiling down to the lake from the close by woods to extinguish their thirst is a treat to the eyes.


4. Photo point: Photo Point is this beautiful site on the low moving slopes and fields of Nilgiris in Munnar. In the scenery of the stretches of tea gardens average to this area of the country, this point fills in as a fantastic photographic chance. as it is obvious from the name itself. Apart from its picturesque excellence and lavish green tea gardens, it is additionally known for its fragrant flavors. Photo Point is famous for sightseeing, a picnic spot, and a filming destination. When in Munnar, ensure that you don’t miss this magnificent beauty. The flashing leaves of the tea garden and the twittering streams, the picturesque slopes, and the mists everything in one picture.

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