Pondicherry – A one-stop destination

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May 6, 2022

Pondicherry – A one-stop destination:

Pondicherry, originally known as Puducherry, and most of us call it just Pondy, is one of the seven Union Territories of India which is limited by the southern province of Tamil Nadu. This previous French state is an ideal mixture of the conventional Indian sensibilities and French design, making it a marvelous break that offers both of city and paradise world experience. The roads of the French Quarter of Pondicherry, otherwise called White Town, are dabbed with yellow buildings with bougainvillea walls. You can find amazing cafes and boutiques that offer yummy French food and drinks. Essentially walking around these roads will give us knowledge into the fantasy appeal of Pondicherry. 

Finished off with real French pastry shops, bohemian stores, and cobble-stoned roads are great for a comfortable walk or a bike ride. So head on down to this fantasy town of the Indian Coast and chug a couple of brews with friends or just read a book in one of the classic cafes. Explore the roads of Pondicherry that will, at last, bring you down to the beautiful coastline promenade, and witness the Bay of Bengal energetically sprinkling the shores of the renowned Rock seashore.

Journey to Pondicherry:

Me and my 5 other friends planned for this trip for the month of August, though it is recommended to visit Pondicherry in that month. It was too humid and hot when we visited this place. The best time to visit Pondicherry is between October and March.  We started our journey towards Pondicherry from Shanthinagar bus stand, Bangalore. It was a Non A/C recliner bus, and we started our journey at 11:00 pm and we reached Pondicherry by 6:30 am the next day morning.

The fun begins now:

We took 3 bikes for rent, it cost about Rs.1000/- per bike. We rode towards our stay in Karaikal beach.  It was about 10kms from the bus station. The room was booked through Oyo and it was a beach view room with affordable price and good service. We took a rest for a couple of hours, freshened up, and had breakfast in a local breakfast restaurant. 

Places we visited are:

  • Karaikal beach – The beachside in which we stayed was and it was a fishing spot. It’s not recommended to play on that beach as the surface is too steep because of the fishing boats. We took a couple of good pictures in Karaikal beach, the water was almost clean and the beach was also pretty clean without any trash. Karaikal beach is an offbeat place where only the local villagers stay, it is not that popular in Pondicherry, so we could experience a good vibe in that particular place. 
  •  Auroville beach – it was too humid and hot, we reached Auroville by 12 pm. This beach was perfect for a peaceful stroll, popularly known as Auro, I saw professionals surfing on this beach as well. We played on the beach, took some pictures and spend about an hour there. We just crashed onto the bed as the previous night’s journey was too tiring. Later in the evening, we went to buy some food, we sat on the beach with a campfire, we shared stories, sung and danced. We enjoyed the night, had dinner and we did some crab hunting at midnight as well.
  • Paradise beach – it was a very clean and shallow beach, the waves were not too high, it was very much apt for kids as well.  It is slightly offside of the city but definitely worth visiting. It was about 15kms from the room, it took about 20-30mins from Karaikal to Paradise beach. We captured pics, spent time there till afternoon. 
  • Rock beach –  The place was too crowded, but the cool breeze was very soothing. You can’t take a dip here, unfortunately, but definitely can spend some quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the mesmerizing views
  • The French colony, The white town –  the streets were so beautiful and aligned. It was a blissful experience to watch old french buildings colored yellow and their culture in this place. I was amazed by the overall ambiance the colony had, we captured some beautiful pics and spent about 1hour exploring the colony.

The places we dined in was:

  • Accord Pondicherry hotel – one of the main landmarks of Pondicherry and a 5-star property, dining at Accord was truly a classic and elegant experience. The ambiance was maintained pretty well as well their cleanliness and service There was a buffet arranged and we had an amazing lunch experience at the hotel. It would cost about Rs.1500 for 2 people to dine-in in this restaurant.
  • Cafe Xtasy Pondicherry – a popular Italian pizza restaurant in White town, it is a gastropub and they offer some amazing pizzas in the town, the price was a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth a visit for Pizza lovers. 
  • We had breakfast from the local restaurants nearby to our room and it was worth the money we paid for the food, it was so delicious.

And our trip to Pondicherry ends here, we couldn’t explore many other beautiful places but, the trip was one of the best memories with my friends. Talking about Pondicherry, the best thing which I personally liked is the people living over there and their attitude towards tourists. People are very polite and helpful, they never misbehave with the tourists as per my experience, they always carry a smile on their face. And given a chance, I would never hesitate to visit this beautiful place again… !!!

And at last, see this beautiful sunrise view which was captured from the room we stayed in!!

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