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May 27, 2022


Hampi, a town and a temple spot in Karnataka is perhaps the eldest rich spot. Recorded under the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Group of landmarks at Hampi, this city was additionally at one point probably the most extravagant city in the country when it was at its pinnacle. Situated in Vijayanagara city, Hampi has been quite possibly the main traveler spot of attractions. Individuals from everywhere the nation visit Hampi for its lovely landmarks and history. According to insights of the year 2014, Hampi is supposed to be the most looked-through spot of Karnataka on the internet. Individuals who visit Hampi are generally individuals who love history and architecture. It is nothing unexpected that Hampi is such a popular spot for travelers that visit from everywhere in the world.


Now let’s know about the history:

Hampi is also called Pampa Kshetra, Kishkindha kshetra, and Bhaskara kshetra. These names were gotten from the well-known Tungabhadra River Pampa. As indicated by folklore, it is said that Pampa was Brahma’s child who was subsequently offered to Shiva. It was here where the city was fabricated. Hampi word in is another adaptation of Hampe, a Kannada name. Today, Hampi is otherwise called Vijayanagara who used to administer the city. As you stroll through the remaining parts of Hampi’s superb posts, royal residences, and doors, you will get a brief look at the brilliant design of those occasions.

The landmarks say a lot about the historical backdrop of Hampi that used to be a prosperous and rich realm in the fourteenth century which was ultimately destroyed attributable to the assaults made by the Moghuls. At a certain point, Hampi was likewise one of the greatest exchange centers in the world. Vijayanagar brought a ton of riches, distinction, and wonder to Hampi. On those occasions, most business sectors in Hampi were constantly packed with purchasers and furthermore vendors. These dealers were Indians, yet in addition individuals from different places of the world. Instantly, the business sectors developed colossally and products were traded for spices and cotton. In old occasions, the monetary forms were all silver and gold.


Now let’s move on to the 10 main places of Hampi;

  1. Sri Virupaksha Temple:

The temple is devoted to the god Virupaksha, who is viewed as a manifestation of god Shiva. It is one of the most established Shiva temples in the country is as yet operational, with explorers paying normal visits. The temple was inherent in the seventh century and has an immense hall and door towers. The complicated carvings on the temple will leave you astounded as will the way that you are supplicating at a temple that is around 1,000 years of age. Visit the submerged Shiva Temple inside the perplexing, which is currently supposed to be lowered after such a long time. It will require around two hours to have a total visit through the temple.

  1. Vijaya Vittala Temple

This temple is genuinely a wonder. Implicit the fifteenth century in Dravidian style, the temple turns out to be the biggest of the authentic designs around here. Ruler Vittala is supposed to be a manifestation of Lord Vishu and the temple has high as can be columns and unpredictably cut stone carvings. The music pillar inside the lobby will leave you amazed and the stone chariot is the most striking design inside the temple. This likewise turns out to be quite possibly the most visited spot inside the temple. It will require around 2 hours to explore the temple.

  1. Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex

It is a sloping top that has numerous enormous and little temples around and is on the southern side of the Hampi town. You need to ascend a little to get to the complex yet once there you will see the beautiful remnants of the temples just as catch a brief look at the astonishing mountainside view. The sunrise and sunset seen from here are particularly amazing.

  1. Hanuman Temple

The Hanuman Temple in Hampi is on the Anjaneya Hill. It is viewed as the origin of Lord Hanuman and is greatly worshipped by travelers here. It is around 4 km away from the Hampi town and the pioneers initially need to take a boat ride and afterward climb steps to arrive at the beautiful temple. Once up there, you will acknowledge how tranquil and quiet the spot is. sunrise and sunset and amazing to view from here. there are many monkeys to be found here so beware of your belongings.

  1. Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple

This temple is been devoted to the god Ganesha and is situated on the southern side of Hemakuta Hills and the temple looks like a mustard seed or the stomach of god Ganesha. The temple has a 2.4-meter big idol of god Ganesha cut out of a solitary rock. Everybody visiting Hampi makes it a highlight to come here.

  1. Lakshmi Narsimha Temple

This temple is also called Ugra Narsimha temple and it is the biggest stone monument sculpture in whole Hampi. It was worked around 1528 AD yet the idols inside were vandalized by intruders in 1565. The sculpture is that of god Narsimha, who is seen situated here. He is a manifestation of god Vishnu with the group of half lion and half man. This temple is dazzling and the actual sculpture, however fierce, will leave you amazed. It is likewise quite possibly the most pictured place in Hampi.

  1. Queen’s Bath

This was most likely the royal bath chamber for the kings and their spouses and the spot is amazingly engraved. The pool makes certain to inspire envy in you as it offers a brief look at the rich way of life the lords and their sovereigns probably had. The design is so complicated and the gigantic arch-formed rooftop is entirely cut. There are galleries and little windows and the actual pool is under the open blue sky. There are likewise nearby crafted works and models sold in the complex.

  1. Riverside Ruins

The ruins by the stream here have 108 Shiva lingams cut out level stone surfaces alongside a sculpture of a leaning back Lord Vishnu. It turns out to be an extremely mainstream site among photographic artists, travelers, and students of history the same. You will cherish the accounts the neighborhood guides advise you and the type of architecture the spot has. You will require about an hour to explore the whole place. the entry fee for this place is Rs.30

  1. Archeological Museum

The Archeological Museum in Hampi is an absolutely important visit since it is here that you will get an itemized outline of Hampi and its specialty and history. The exhibition hall is situated in Kamlapur which is a couple of kilometers from the fundamental remains of Hampi. There are bunches of intriguing ancient rarities here, the vast majority of them uncovered from the encompassing regions. You will discover graphs and family records of the kings and rulers who administered here. There are artworks, coins and furthermore books you may purchase here.

  1. Matanga Hills

Matanga Hills will just blow your mind with the red rocks thrown around the mountainside. From here, you will get a beautiful view of Hampi ruins and their environmental factors. You need to arrive at the Veerbhadra temple at the top through a trek of sorts which requires around 30 minutes. Once up there, you will be hypnotized by the sunrise and the sunsets which projects a fantastic sparkle over Hampi town. carry electric lamps or torch with you as the way up the slopes frequently have shadows which make vision difficult.









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