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October 1, 2021


Details about the place

  • Distance from Bangalore to Tadiandamol: 263.7km
  • Difficulty level: moderate
  • Timings: Sunrise to sunset, thus 6 am to 6 pm is a good time to visit the hill.
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 350/- per head for trekking till the peak. The entry fee is taken at the forest checkpoint.
  • Height: 1,748 metres
  • Duration: 1 day (16 km two ways)
  • Max altitude: 5740 feet

Just the idea of going for a trekking while gazing at a captivating view is enough to get anyone excited for a trekking expedition. These trekking in Bangalore have abundant natural beauty and idyllic settings that present adventure seekers with the perfect opportunity to quench their thirst for thrill.

Tadiandamol or Thadiyandamol is the tallest peak of Madikeri district Kodagu region, Karnataka, India. It is a place of interest for adventurers and naturalists. The name Tadiandamol in a real sense implies the biggest base (thadi = wide, huge, enormous; anda = having a place with (possessive) in Kodava; mol = slope, base, top). It freely implies Tallest Mount, and the name likewise could interpret as Broad Hill Tadiandamol has a rich variety in its vegetation amicably existing together amid the thick backwoods and prairies of the Western ghats. Traveling along Tadiandamol instructs one to be bold and patient while one notices the abundance of the unstoppable force of life. As one beginning from the base town of Kakkabe, the winding path are on occasion wide and of cement and now and again sloppy and unpaved. The trek starts when the path gets a little smaller with seeing thick vegetation, coffee, pepper, and other ranches. You will get to see vivid birds and butterflies and hear them.


The third most worthy mountain top in Karnataka is incredibly well known among sightseers. It is enhanced with lavish Shola woodland all through the valley. The Nalaknad Palace worked in 1792 on the fringe of the mountain has verifiable importance. It was utilized as a site to look for shelter by changed rulers during the hours of battle among the bordering states.

The pinnacle presents astonishing freedoms for traveling sweethearts. Once at the pinnacle, sightseers are offered stunning perspectives on space around amid a particularly quiet and reviving air.

The best season to visit the peak is during the long stretches of December to May. What’s more, if you are keen on traveling, the time is to go during late-fall. The peak is 30 km away from Virajpet. The path here is significantly more elusive and pitched. Watch your balance and take the help of trees. the mists conceal the whole valley to one side. If the sun is sparkling and you have a sunny morning, you see the valley in rich green and slopes beginning to jump out. Post rainstorm, you will observe the rich vegetation of the area of Coorg in its full wonder. 


One can either stroll through this way to appreciate lavish green coffee ranches or decide on an uneven jeep ride. Additionally, there is a delightful cascade situated in transit, a beautiful waterfalls will make you chill and refreshing. Once the path begins, it’s an issue-free stroll in level ground charmed by green knolls and on strolling forward and tracked down an enormous stone which is utilized for setting up camp prior. You can see the quietness of nature’s beauty from the highest point of rock. It was falling in buckets and clearly, exciting with Mother Nature’s blessing! The landscape turned out to be more lively with wild blossoms sitting on the wide scope of western Ghats and stunning valley views. Tadiyandamol Peak was heart throbbing. It overwhelmed us with cold breezes. It is a total worth full of euphoria.




  • Distance from Bangalore to Nishani motte: 306.6 km
  • Difficulty level: moderate
  • Location:  Nishani Motte, Bhagamandala Village, Coorg, Karnataka
  • Timings: 6 am to 6 pm
  • Entry Fee:  Rs. 200 to be paid at the forest office.
  • Height: 1270 metres
  • Duration: 1 day (26 km two ways)
  • Max altitude: 4167 feet

Nishani Motte’s journey starts from Tala Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary in the Kodagu region. Aside from its stunning picturesque view and marvelous environment, the spot is additionally known for its rich social history and endearing individuals. Tala Cauvery which is the foundation of the Nishani Motte journey is accepted to be the wellspring of River Cauvery which is met by another stream the Kannike. This place is known as the ‘Ganga of the South. From here the waterway dives as a spring keeping the tank full to its edge consistently. Individuals from various pieces of Karnataka and past visit the spot and take a plunge in the water of the tank on uncommon events with a conviction of purging their spirits and inspiring their souls. Nishani Motte is a name that is inseparable from “euphoria”. The less-visited pinnacle of the Brahmagiri timberland range in the Coorg locale of Karnataka holds its excellence in the most perfect structure calling for experience buffs and naturalists to exchange into its center. Your excursion by walking starts just after the jeep trail amid the Shola timberland and goes through delicate edges, rambling glades, spilling water, and shrubberies of differed manors.

Trekking to Nishani Motte incorporates various adrenaline-charged exercises including stream boating, untamed life photography, wilderness climbing, pit fire, and natural-looking. Likewise, there are various strict destinations on the way Nishani Motte that is considered hallowed among local people and merits your visit. The blended fragrance of cardamom and espresso from the estates on one or the other side of the path will undoubtedly inebriate your faculties as you move up.

Nishani Motte Trekking in Coorg is probably the best trip to investigate the regular excellence of the slope station. Make the most of your stroll through the beautiful just as intriguing path. Showing up at the lower regions, one can undoubtedly set out on a journey to Nishani Motte top’s and find its mystical excellence that has stayed obscure to the greater part of the adventurers up until this point. Make a move to observe nature getting recharged at Abbey Falls during this excursion. The spot is most popular for its glimmering perspectives on dim mountains, green woods, rich green open knolls, and uncommon types of verdure. It is likewise a mainstream journeying objective amid devoted travelers and experienced lovers. The path is not a very muddy pathway. The path goes through delicate edges, rambling meadows, sweet-smelling espresso homes, and little creeks and streams. From the highest point, one can get a 360◦ perspective on the dazzling scene with the emerald Western Ghats making an ideal scenery. Since it is a significant distance strolling trail amid the thick forest.



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