Top 8 best beaches in Goa

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January 28, 2022

Top 8 best beaches in Goa

1.Hollant Beach

Hollant beach is located in South Goa at a distance of 27 km from Panaji. This beach is known for witnessing beautiful sunrise that you will remember for a lifetime. Hollant Beach offers superb points of view including the famous southern shorelines of Goa, close by the lower regions of the Western Ghats. The shoreline looks a lot even more charming in the midst of the elevated tide when the seawater rises to unite into the fresh waters of a nearby stream. Hollant Beach is moreover an unimaginable spot to swim, as it remains moderately quiet with no hazardous flows. For heartfelt spirits, the seashore is a charming setting captivating everybody.


2.velsao beach

Velesao beach is located 24.8km from Panaji.  Its tranquil and quiet atmosphere will fundamentally allow you an opportunity to hear the murmuring of birds intently. While being here, you can will observer the immaculate stretches out of white sand that is ideal for loosening up, strolling, and sunbathing. The reducing air, cool breezes, and the water of the shoreline simply make an impeccable lovely view. It offers a prominent point of view of the daybreak and dusk and you should time your visit to Velsao Beach at the hour of dawn or nightfall. This seashore is the focal point for honeymooners searching for normal grand magnificence with an animating retreat.


3.calangute beach

Calangute beach is located 17km from Panaji. This Beach appreciates the presence of travelers all around the year. One can appreciate this brilliant seashore with astonishing shacks that offers genuine Goa food and beverages. You can have the best fish at this spot to appreciate the fullest sea shore flows. Outsiders love to be at this spot as there are various clubs, eateries, and shopping spots to get enjoy. You can go throughout the day unwinding at the seashore when the sun gets solid. You simply need to go to seashore shacks for a special encounter.


 4.Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is mainstream for its picturesque magnificence and quiet air, this beach is located 14km from Panaji. where individuals love to unwind for extended periods. Well known for its cleaned rises, immaculate water, fresh ocean breeze, and water sports for experience searchers, Candolim Beach is the response to all your seashore fun. Head to close shacks to extinguish your hunger for an invigorating mixed drink. It is among the best seashores in Goa where you can chill with loved ones.



Arambol beach is located 39 from Panaji. If you want to visit all the famous beaches in Goa, then mark the Armabol as well. It is one of the beautiful beaches surrounded by cliffs on two sides. The kind of vibe you will experience here is vintage that gets enhance when you see colorful people around you. Even the shacks play old music that you can enjoy while sitting at the seashores.


6.Baga Beach

One of the most popular beaches in North Goa, Baga is named after the Baga creek which flows into the Arabian sea. Beach is located close to Calangute beach, around 20 Km North of Panaji. Baga is the perfect destination to witness the dazzling nightlife of Goa as signature places such as Britto’s, Tito’s, and Mambos are located in the vicinity. Being one of the most visited beaches in the North, Baga also offers a vast range of water sports.


7.Butterfly beach

Butterfly beach is located 70km from Panaji. Butterfly beach is also popularly known as Honeymoon Beach as a lot of honeymooners and couples come here for a secluded vacation. You can spend your day with your partner by enjoying a picnic with wine. You can also wait for the low tide period to witness wandering Sea urchins, redfish, goldfish, and sea cucumbers here. This is a unique sight that you will not get to explore anywhere else in the entire Goa. Moreover, on one side, a million butterflies dance and harbor over this beach, and on the other, you get to catch a glimpse of dolphins in the middle of the sea.


8.Agonda Beach

Agonda beach is located 65 km from Panaji. This Beach is a floor covering of white sands specked with beautiful shacks giving the bona fide Goan flows. The Arabian Sea on this part is energetically contacting the shores of the sparkling seashore specked with lavish green coconut and palm trees. It is one of the cleanest seashores of Goa which are amazingly less swarmed. You can invest quite alone energy in the midst of the tranquil quietness of the seashore. You can track down some comfortable shacks which have a warm, inviting energy drawing in individuals to enter it and relax.



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