Trekking in Kerala: Ultimate Guide

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October 22, 2021

 Top Trekking Trails in Kerala: Ultimate Guide


  1. Chembra peak:

image courtesy: onhisowntrip

Chembra peak is one of the tallest hill in Wayanad Kerala with 6889ft above sea level, this journey is viewed as a difficult trek, the path of the trek covers excellent lakes, thick forest, and all-encompassing views on Wayanad.  While trekking you will come across steep climbs and elusive rocks to go through so one as to be exceptionally cautious while trekking here.

  • Trek distance  – 17km
  • Difficulty – Difficult
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 296km 
  1. Anamudi peak: 

image courtesy:oyorooms

Anamudi Peak in is the most elevated point in South India and the most elevated point in India outside the Himalaya-Karakoram, at a height of 8842 feet. Anamudi is additionally renowned for Neelkurinji flowers that bloom once in 12 years. It is one of the best trekking places in Kerala. Anamudi trekking is restricted now. However, you safari available. 

  • Trek distance – 20km
  • Difficulty – Difficult
  • Duration – 3 days 
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 464km
  1. Pakshipathalam trek:

image courtesy: irisholidays

Pakshipathalam which means ‘abode of birds’ is a trek located in the Brahmagiri hill range and is located close to Thirunelli temple, Wayanad in Kerala. This place is popular for spotting many varieties of birds this trek is usually started in Iruppu falls in Karnataka the peak lies about 1740m from sea level. Trekkers usually experience moist deciduous forests, rolling hillocks, open grasslands, slippery trails, and narrow rocky caves on the way. 

  • Trek distance – 7 km
  • Difficulty – Moderate
  • Duration – 1 day
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 256km
  1. Chokramudi Peak:

image courtesy: flickr

Chokramudi Peak is a hilltop in Munnar, Kerala. Arranged between Bison Valley and Munnar, it is probably the most elevated peak of Munnar and among the best places of traveling in Munnar. situated at an elevation of around 7,200 feet in Eravikulam National Park, the Chokramudi Peak stands detached from other hills goes yet gives a spectacular view of the encompassing valleys and mountains covered with shocking thick forestation and the rich green tea estate. One can likewise get a lovely view of Anamudi Peak and Idukki Dam found close by.

  • Trek distance – 10km 
  • Difficulty – Easy
  • Duration – 1 day 
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 517km
  1. Soochipara Falls Trek:

image courtesy: ntravel advisor

Soochipra falls is a falls that is located in the region of Wayanad is a wonderful place to visit, this falls descend from 656 feet tall this is considered an easy trek people often should cross hard obstacles to reach the summit. One must go through Raging three-tiered waterfalls, rough terrains, and alpine forests but when they reach the top it is worth it, the best time to visit this place would be during the monsoon as it gives a breathtaking sight but one has to very cautious with slippery rocks. 

  • Trek distance – 2km
  • Difficulty – easy
  • Duration – 1 day
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 297km
  1. Dhoni hills:

image courtesy: commons

Dhoni Hills is a forest reservoir and a great spot with a few regular fortunes. The Hills are adjoining the Malampuzha Reservoir. From Dhoni Hills, the Azhakampara cascade is a magnificent spot amid picturesque views. The water drops from a precarious stone mountain are bliss. The falls can be reached from the lower part of the hill through a steep mountain way.

  • Trek distance – 4km
  • Difficulty – Easy
  • Duration – 1 day or half-day
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 422km
  1. Banasura Hill Trek:

Image courtesy: trip phobo

Banasura is a mountain peak situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala. Banasura trek is one of the best places for trekking in Wayanad and among the top Kerala trekking places and is one of the peaks in the western it lies 6660 ft from the sea level, the starting point of the trek is from Kalpetta. One has to pass through the evergreen forest at the base. The trail predominantly windy through the shola forest. The best time to visit this place would be during the months of Sept to January.

  • Trek distance – 18km
  • Difficulty – Moderate
  • Duration – 2 days.
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 271km
  1. Ponmudi trek:

image courtesy: kerala forest eco tourism

Ponmudi trek offers a different nature to be important for and there are famous journeying camps also at Varyadumotta and Seethathertham. The trek is led by the Kerala Forest Department, passes to which can be purchased at the registration. The environment stays lovely over time with the hill covered with rich green and mist; an astounding setting to be at for making the most of your trek.

  • Trek distance – 11km
  • Difficulty – moderate
  • Duration – 1 day
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 686km
  1. Thusharagiri Waterfall Trek:

image courtesy: thrilophilia

There are three waterfalls here. One is at the highest point of the hill, the second one at the center of the slope, the third one is close to the passage. waterfalls closest to the passageway can be visited during the 1 KM trek. To visit the other two waterfalls you need to go through the thick forests and the ground is elusive and sloppy. This spot is bliss for those who love to trek. The best time to visit is from September to November. The spot is perfect and the water is very cold.

  • Trek distance – 5km
  • Difficulty – easy
  • Duration – 1day
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 309km
  1. Edakkal cave trek: 

Image courtesy: imvoyager

Edakkal caves are two consecutive natural caves that are situated in the region of Makkah. The dakka caves lie 3900ft above sea level which makes it a great place to trek. People visit this cave to see the historical writing which is believed to date back to 6000 BC. You can also take the help of guides in case you want to understand the history better on The path while trekking we usually find people with stores selling handicrafts, clothes, and snacks. 

  • Trek distance – 2km 
  • Difficulty –  easy
  • Duration – 45minutes to 1 hour
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 267km
  1. Ramakkalmedu Peak trek:

image courtesy: adventure compass 

Ramakkalmedu trek is another ideal journeying trail that beginners can love and gain proficiency with the specialty. You can get an all-encompassing view on numerous spots and towns of Tamilnadu from the peak and the trek is worth only the view from the top. The attractions of the Ramakkalmedu trek journey are the Kuravan and Kurathi Statue. This region is foggy during the early morning. A sculpture that helps us to remember the Sangam time frame instills the will to think about the historical backdrop of India and individuals who used to live during that period.

  • Trek distance – NA
  • Difficulty – easy
  • Duration – 1 day
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 506km
  1. Nelliyampathy Trek:

image courtesy: Indian Panaroma

Nelliyampathy Trek’s smooth rich green patches give a characteristic style and beauty, which any adventurers and tourists should insight in any event once in their life. Inundate in a shocking view on the Sholayar pass just as the quiet and tranquil Poonthudi Dam, Orange and Vegetable Farm. Rainforests decorate the route to Nelliyampathi hills, which itself revives your mood. This experience keeps you in a jolly state while you journey across these hills.

  • Trek distance – 6km
  • Difficulty – easy
  • Duration – 1 day.
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 285km
  1. Meesappulimala Trek:

image courtesy: footsigns

Meesappulimala is a part of Anamudi which is the second-most noteworthy top in the Western Ghats and a Kerala Trekking which is offered by the Kerala Forest Department. The journeying trails go through the Rhodo Valley, which is a profoundly audacious way. One can see the Pandava cave on the way to Rhodo valley from the trekking base camp. Trek on and move to the peak of Rhododendron trees.

  • Trek distance – 8km
  • Difficulty – difficult
  • Duration – 1 day
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 483km
  1. Silent Valley National Park:

image courtesy: Jessieonajourney

Silent Valley National Park is a wildlife trek. it is in Palakkad and it is a UNESCO heritage site that has an assortment of biodiversity with a wide scope of outlandish vegetation, which incorporates elephants, tigers, some uncommon transient birds, lion-tailed Macau, butterflies. this nature offers to travel through beautiful waterfalls.

  • Trek distance – 2km
  • Difficulty – easy
  • Duration – 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 246km
  1. Agasthyakoodam trek:


Agasthyarkoodam is the second most noteworthy peak in Kerala and it is situated at a rise of 6201 feet above sea level. Agasthyarkoodam gives the wellspring of waterway Kallar. The incline broaden is as of now said as Agasthya Vanam Biological Park covering a domain of 23 sq. km. This spot is exceptionally respected by the devotees of two religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. It is likewise perhaps the most significant trekking place in Kerala.

  • Trek distance – 28km
  • Difficulty – difficult
  • Duration – 2 days.
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 695km
  1. Top Station trek, Munnar

image courtesy:tourmyindia

Top Station is an incredibly great trekking place in Kerala for thrill-seekers to explore. This is a champion among the best Munnar tourist places and among the excellent spot to visit on a Munnar visit. The amazing views one can get across the Western Ghats, the popular Neelakurinji plants, Kannan Devan tea estate with dazzling tea manors, and so forth are the beautiful features of this hill station.

  • Trek distance – 12km
  • Difficulty – moderate
  • Duration – 1 day.
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 494km
  1. Illikkal kallu trek:

image courtesy: Local guides connect

Illikkal Kallu is a stone monument situated on top of the Illickal Mala close to Meladukkam town in the Kottayam region of Kerala, India. It is one of the picturesque views in the Western Ghats, and among the top spots to visit close to Vagamon. The magnificence and the scene of Illikkal Kallu are like that of the Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal. Just a single portion of the first stone remaining, as the other portion of the stone, has tumbled off. The view from Illikal Kallu is beautiful with various hills ascending to the mists and the profound valleys.

  • Trek distance – 6km
  • Difficulty – easy
  • Duration – 1 day.
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 594km


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